Team up with your friends, family or co-workers for an adrenaline filled 60 minute immersive experience. Discover clues, solve interactive puzzles and reveal secrets behind locked doors. Each one of our games is themed and decorated to create an exciting backdrop filled with intrigue where nothing is as it seems. You’ll live each story as if you were really there: you’ll be the one to rob the bank, solve the mystery, save the world, and hopefully, walk away a champion.


60 minutes and the clock is ticking...

Murder Mystery 2: A Killer’s Revenge

Riddle: When Agatha arrives on the secret rendezvous to meet her fugitive husband, Dr. Richardson from the Ladd Center Asylum, she is shocked to find his murdered remains. After finding a crucial clue left at the scene, and determined to find closure, she hires your team as private investigators to hunt down the last lead she has to catch her husband’s killer.


$29 4-10 participants 36% Success Rate 60mins.

La Cosa Nostra: An Inside Job

Riddle: The year is 1979 and your crew is working as undercover police operatives in downtown Providence, RI. Your assignment is to infiltrate the ranks of the RI crime family. Do you have what it takes to climb the ranks of the Italian Mafia and earn the trust of the Don? This game is an homage to the real-life mobsters that once roamed the streets of Providence. If you’ve ever listened to Crimetown or taken a stroll down Federal Hill, you will recognize a few things.


$29 4-10 participants 27% Success Rate 60mins.


Answers to common questions below...

Are we actually locked in a room?

No, unfortunately, Rhode Island Fire Code doesn’t allow us to actually lock up our customers.  The exit door is always unlocked in case of claustrophobia or an emergency.

Will we be the only ones in the experience?

Our private room feature is designed for up to 10 participants and allows you to have a personalized experience.  If booked with less than 10 there is a good chance you will be paired with players. Don’t be scared of strangers, the majority of our top times are held by groups that did not previously know each other! 

Do I need special skills or knowledge?

No, although the games are challenging, no special skills are required, the answer will always lie somewhere in the rooms. Whether you solve the riddle or not, the atmosphere is still extremely fun and exciting.

Is it dangerous or scary?

No, throughout the entirety of your game you are being monitored by our camera systems. There is nothing to be scared of, however you could feel your heart racing from excitement, surprises and an added rush of adrenaline.

What game should we start with?

We suggest the The Murder Mystery 2 due to a lower difficulty level, but the choice is yours.

Is there a minimum number of people needed for a game?

Yes, we require a 4 person minimum to book online. If your party is less than 4, please call to book.

Is there a maximum number of people per game?

Each experience accommodates 10 – 12 people. If your party is more than 10, please call to book.

Who can attend?

This really is for everyone! We have had the pleasure of hosting people of all ages, 7 – 102 years old! It’s a great multi-generational activity, from families and friends to colleagues and customers, it’s a great bonding experience and an effective team building exercise that employees actually enjoy.  

All kids 14 and under require a parent/guardian to be present.  

Where can we park?

Complimentary valet parking is available through Blu on the Water located downstairs from The Riddle Room.  Additional on street parking can be found on and around King Street and in the lot off Division Street, adjacent to Pal’s restaurant.

How much does it cost?

Our all-inclusive regular ticket is $29/ person. We do provide a discount for non-profit, student, and active military, give us a call to receive your discount.

When is it open?

All bookings must be completed in advance, either over the phone or online.  Our typical hours are listed below.


20 Water St, Second Floor
East Greenwich
Rhode Island, 02818

(401) 398-8177


To check our calendar or make a reservation click book now to schedule your adventure!